3 Essential CRO Tools You Need To Start Using Right Now

In our previous article on the topic of CRO, we touched on the basic principles of the Conversion Rate Optimisation and introduced several tools that help analyse user behaviour. Today, we are diving in deeper into exploring more tools for high CRO performance.


One of the most popular CRO tools nowadays is Hotjar. Thousands of website owners employ Hotjar to analyse the behaviour of their website users and explore areas for improvement. Hotjar helps identify why particular forms are not performing well; why users drop off the site at the checkout page or why the bounce rate of a certain page is unusually high or low.

The Hotjar feature that allows capture user behavior metrics is Hotjar Recordings, which records visitor sessions on your website. When the visitor sessions are being recorded the information is send and stored at Hotjar servers. This information includes mouse clicks, mouse movements, page scrolls and much more data.

Hotjar also allows you produce different types of heatmap, which help reveal how far down page users scroll and which elements of the website get more clicks. This is particularly useful to:

  • Find out what information gets ignored and needs to be moved on more visible place.
  • Understand at what stage users drop off from the website.
  • See if users click on all the crucial elements like buttons, links, CTAs, etc.
  • Understand if people click on the elements that are not clickable.
Hotjar and its alternatives like Freshmarketer or Luckyorange are extremely useful to understand user insights. It helps website owners see what immediate changes can improve customer experience and consecutively, the conversion rate. The solution can be just as simple as moving CTAs to the most visible parts of the page or changing contact form. is a collection of tools aimed at improving quality of writing on your website or social media posts. helps analyse how easy it is for a user to understand your writing and improve the extent to which people engage with your message. analyses your sentence structure, keyword density, use of passive voice and identifies clichés. A tool like this gives you the ability to market more efficiently to your audience and makes your messages and CTAs more actionable. 

Among the different tools, offers single or bulk text analysis, the scan function of the entire website, URL scoring and even email scoring, which is irreplaceable for marketers looking to improve their email conversion rates.


Another software that consists of various tools aimed to improve your website’s CRO is Omniconvert. Omniconvert covers website layout testing, surveys and the ability to create highly personalised messages for improved UI. For example, Omniconvert can create a personalised message for your Melbourne-based travel website visitors prompting them to purchase a flight to tropical Cairns instead of spending their Easter break in rainy Melbourne.

Omniconvert offers really sophisticated segmentation tools using more than 40 parameters. These parameters include Geolocation, Conversions, Behaviour and Custom metrics. Aside from that, the software provides surveys to find what clients think and feel about your product or service, how they evaluate it against competition and whether they would recommend it to friends. 

Omniconvert, just ike many other CRO tools can be used in combination for even better effect. For example, you can use it with Hotjar for more comprehensive CRO insights.

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